Broken Ear Drum, Causes and How to Overcome It

If the ear feels uncomfortable, hurts, buzzes, and fluid comes out, it could be because your eardrum is ruptured. Infection and injury are some of the causes. But do not worry, there are some medical steps to overcome them. The eardrum is a thin membrane that separates the outside of the ear and the middle of the ear. Eardrum or also called the tympanic membrane, will vibrate when exposed to sound waves. The vibrations are then sent to the middle and inner ears and then transmitted to the brain. The eardrum also serves to protect the middle ear from bacteria, liquid, or foreign objects that are about to enter. Things That Can Cause Ear Drums Rupture Because it is thin, this very important part of the ear is vulnerable to damage, such as tearing or rupture. The reason could be due to the following things: Infection A common cause of a ruptured eardrum, especially in children, is due to an ear infection. Middle ear infections cause fluid to accumulate behind the eardrum. As a
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